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Luxury Trains India

Speaking of India, most travelers from foreign countries would visualize tropical sweltering hot weather, chaos of traffic or spicy street food! But these days something else has become synonymous with travel to India and that is - a host of choices in luxury trains!

This portal is to help travelers get all the information they need about the multiple luxury trains in India and is a bonafide source for the same, as we are a recognized travel company. The most popular luxury trains in India that allure thousands of travelers every years are - The Maharajas Express, Palace on Wheels, The Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, and the Deccan Odyssey.

Luxury trains not only provide a very comfortable mode of travel in the diverse Indian terrain, along with the obvious benefits of experiencing decadent royal luxury in terms of hospitality and cuisine. Moreover, there is the security factor which is often a great concern for travelers visiting here, and luxury trains offer utmost security for the passengers' safety and for their belongings. These trains are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, luxury pieces like gold and silver plated cutlery, some of the finest art and decor. Also each cabin or suite in the trains come with a electric vault for safekeeping one's valuables, which is why the train is always made to be secure with a proper surveillance system and several servers and security personnel on-board for the same.

If you have a luxurious joyride through India's most attractive tourist places coupled with great cuisine, impeccable hospitality like the kings, and joined by other interesting co-passengers with bubbly conversations over the finest champagne in your bucket-list, then you must splurge a little for this once in a life time voyage!

Why Choose Luxury Trains in India

  • Luxury trains are the royal palaces of the 21st Century! Where else will one get a chance to spoil themselves over royal treatment from end-to-end with the most qualified staff attending your every need?

  • Additionally, through these luxury trains tour packages one will also get a chance to visit the most popular tourist attractions around the country, with proper guides and planned arrangements of activities to get the best feel of the place.

  • Luxury train tours in India are the combination of comfortable travelling, good food, the best hospitality, perfect security, and none of the headaches of planning sightseeing and touring trips around the tourist spots! So, go ahead a book your dream vacation today!

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